[English] The Hour of the Phoenix by Jimmy Corinis

Title: The Hour of the Phoenix [Goodreads]
Author: Jimmy Corinis
Publisher: New Haven
Published: 03/2018
Translator: ?
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Original title: Η ώρα του φοίνικα [Goodreads]
Original publisher: Gavrielides
Original date: 06/2014
Find in Greek (Currently out of print)



A famous American cardiac surgeon and his dashing assistant invited to Greece for an operation of philanthropic character are trapped in the violent aftermath of a CIA-instigated military takeover and become the target of deadly attacks when, despite the curfew, they attempt to reach the hospital where their patient has become very ill. And when they volunteer to help in the treatment of the first casualties from clashes in the streets, he is arrested, interrogated and tortured, while she risks her own life in an effort to avoid blockades, reach the American embassy and ask for help.

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