[English/US] Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry by Karen Van Dyck [Editor]

Title: Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry [Goodreads]
Editor: Karen Van Dyck
Publisher: New York Review of Books
Published: 03/2017
Translator: Karen Van Dyck
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Original title: Μέτρα λιτότητας [Goodreads]
Original publisher: Agra
Original date: 11/2017 (The book was originally published in the UK)
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The 2008 debt crisis shook Greece to the core and went on to shake the world. More recently, Greece has become one of the main channels into Europe for refugees from poverty and war. Greece stands at the center of today’s most intractable conflicts, and this situation has led to a truly extraordinary efflorescence of innovative and powerfully moving Greek poetry. Karen Van Dyck’s wide-ranging bilingual anthology—which covers the whole contemporary Greek poetry scene, from literary poets to poets of the spoken word to poets online, and more—offers an unequaled sampling of some of the richest and most exciting poetry of our time.

There is also another English edition in the UK by Penguin. Find more info

[English] Something Will Happen, You’ll See by Christos Ikonomou

Title: Something Will Happen, You’ll See [Goodreads]
Author: Christos Ikonomou
Publisher: Archipelago Books
Published: 03/2016
Translator: Karen Emmerich
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Original title: Κάτι θα γίνει, θα δεις [Goodreads]
Original publisher: Polis
Original date: 12/2012
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Something Will Happen, You’ll See is a heart-wrenching elegy on the impoverished working-class Greeks populating the neighborhoods around Piraeus, the large port southwest of Athens. Ikonomou’s luminous and poignant short stories center around laid-off steelworkers, warehousemen, families, pensioners, and young couples faced with sudden loss and turmoil. Between docks, in tenement buildings, and on city streets Ikonomou’s men and women sustain their traumas on flickers of hope in the darkness and on their deep faith in humanity. An illuminating examination of the human condition, Ikonomou’s award-winning book has become the literary emblem of the Greek crisis; stories so real, humane, and haunting that they will stay with the reader long after the final page.

[English] Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat by Lena Divani

Title: Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat [Goodreads]
Author: Lena Divani
Publisher: Europa Editions
Published: 05/2014
Translator: Konstantine Matsoukas
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Original title: Εγώ ο Ζάχος Ζάχαρης [Goodreads]
Original publisher: Kastaniotis
Original date: 04/2012
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If you have ever lived with cats you know how cunning, tender, ferocious, underhanded, ingenious, foolish and completely adorable they can be. The same words can be used to describe the hero of this novel, Sugar. This is the story—a love story of epic dimensions—of Sugar, a cat with a keen wit and a reflective nature, and his human, Madamigella, a writer with a frenetic and impossibly dispersive life.

In this his seventh life, Sugar has countless stories to tell and a remarkable talent for telling them. But his real area of expertise lies in his preternatural ability to domesticate his humans—whatever you do, don’t even suggest that we are the ones who domesticate him and his feline relatives!

With wit and a broad repertoire of cultural references, Sugar recounts his days and nights spent with Madamigella in a novel that fits squarely into the illustrious tradition of feline literature a la T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Bukowski, and Celine.